Notes from the 14th Kansas Senate District

Notes from the 14th Kansas Senate District

Issue 1

January 2018   

Issue 1

January 2018         

Bruce Givens, Kansas Senate

The session has started! It is a privilege to return to the Senate – representing you in the 14th District. This is a much better start to the session than last year. Last year, we began 2017 in debt, a large financial hole that we have dug out of and now we are exceeding revenue projections. The legislature can only take part of the credit. The state’s economy is improving. In addition, the state’s unemployment rate is significantly below the national average.

Everyone seems to know and understand that the legislature has to come up with a solution to fund public schools. We have some deadlines for this as well – it should not be a long drawn out session to get this done – we have to act.

The Governor made a proposal at the State of the State address on Tuesday evening. He said his proposal would not require a tax increase. The details are not released just yet, but I’m sure he would be taking from KDOT and not making the required KPERS payment to avoid a tax increase. It is just a proposal.

There are a number of issues that need the legislatures’ attention that are not school related. We can deal with these issues but resources are limited.

I encourage you who receive this emailed newsletter to send it on to anyone you would like. The more people that will read it – the better informed on my work you will be. Newspapers will get the same newsletter with the Editor’s option of editing sections.

I would like to remind you of the office number here in Topeka (785-296- 7678). Linda Oborny is the office assistant for me (see picture). If you send a personal email, I will probably respond, however, if you use an advocacy system email – I will not.

The Governor said that the “state of the State is good.” I agree! Kansas is a great place to live, work and enjoy life!

I will not use state funds to send out a printed newsletter. Email newsletters and newspapers will be the only mass communication.                                                                            

Kansas Senator Bruce Givens Bruce Givens

2018 State of the State

Senator Bruce Givens, 14th District

Representative Mary Good, 75th District

Linda Oborny

Office Assistant


For your Benefit         

The Kansas Constitution, including the Ordinance, Preamble, and Bill of Rights, is available to print in a pocket-sized version from the State Library’s website Just click on the link and follow the instructions. A helpful diagram shows how to fold and where to cut to assemble your pocket-sized constitution. Be sure you print double sided and check “flip on the long edge”. A long reach stapler is helpful, but not necessary. Need help? Just Ask a Librarian - .